About me

I am an actress, singer, art creator, transgender activist.  As a child, I grew up in a small village in Hungary. After a short time, I realized that I would not be able to assert myself there.

I can call myself lucky because with the opportunity of an artistic, LGBTQIA + scholarship, and with a team extending a helping hand, I was able to create a theatrical piece about my transformation story of how I am being myself, as a woman.

As a part of this project a photographic material about my transition story was also created with the help of an analog photographer.

  • Trans Girl Power: We created a zine magazine edition, which is about a Roma, prostitute, transvestite who lives in the countryside and can’t afford to be visible, and a trans actress living in Berlin. 5 stories to live as a transgender woman in Hungary and in Berlin.

  • It is a great pleasure that I was the first transgender woman to be appear on the cover of the Hungarian Elle magazine. 

  • I could write down my experiences (such as discrimination, transphobia, feminism, to be a woman, social issues, problems in the society) as a transgender woman, in the first time ever made transgender column of the Hungarian Glamour magazine.